On March 2018, we celebrated in Contrallum an act with Joan Nogué, catalan human geographer in order to present his book “Paesaggio, territorio, società civile. Il senso del luogo nel contemporaneo with an unique and special format specicically designed according to the theme and the people invited.

Is important to point out, that guests from Contrallum are the protagonists, always in a small and varied group, which contributes to the very conception of the act, creating with the experience new bonds, connections, ideas and unexpected surprising situations.

Contrallum (the translation in English would be “backlighting”) is a dynamic and original personal project together with Pere Sala i Martí designed to foster reflection and knowledge on a wide variety of topics related to society, culture, art and the country. The acts from Contrallum take place in Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood, in an renovated industrial space.

As social designer, my contribution and role on ContraLlum’s projects is:

  • Enhacing a co-creation enviroment.
  • Creating the methodology of the act in order to interact and investigate though design and also collaborate through imagining.
  • Considering within the participants, people from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and concerns. 
  • Each act of ContraLlum is consider to be part of something bigger, interconnected and in constant transformation.

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