As social designer collaborating with Coboi Lab I have been coordinating the collaboration between Coboi Lab and the Design for City-Making program driven by ELISAVA together with different partners.

The world is changing fast, but cities are changing even faster. In this turbulent context, the traditional city planning has been paralleled by more flexible processes: city-making projects. Design for City Making in Barcelona aims to investigate the nature and the possibilities of these projects and verify their role in generating – or regenerating – urban fabric, as well as achieving more liveable, sustainable and social cities through the a research through design process.

Started in October 2017, this is a 3-year program that coordinates and creates synergies between different teams of teachers, researchers and students. These projects aim to enrich and enhance the Collaborative City Scenario, which can be described by a set of ‘urban qualities’: CollaboratingBridgingCommoning, and Democratizing.

  • Coboi Social Innovation Lab
  • Invisible Makers: Mapping Poble Nou from the Ground-up
  • Participatory Democracy and Interaction: Improving Citizens’ Involvement in Democracy through an Online Platform
  • Transformation of the Nau Bostik into a Hotel for Refugees 
  • A la Plaça: Modes of Public Space Appropriation in Barcelona
  • City and Maker Culture

The Design for City Making (DxCM) is an initiative of Elisava lead by Ezio Manzini to foster social and digital innovation in the urban fabric of the city of Barcelona to face the current gentrification and desertification of the commons. The city is the open laboratory of social and digital innovation where citizens together with design students, as agents of change, will act on real projects, based on the needs of neighbors and people. 

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