On June 2018, at Contrallum we shared the results of Andreu Belsunce’s research, he is a sociologist of design and technology, interested on the power of fiction in the process of creating new realities, and more specifically, in the development and cultural acceptance of these new technologies.

In ContraFicció we made fiction collectively using an object disconnected from our time and any of our actual referents.

Each one of the participants constructed a story with this object: gave it a use, a reason to be in the world, and placed it in a concrete time (past, present or future). The final result was eighteen stories about this object which where all placed in a system of coordinates of two axes that oscillated between quotidianity and power. Each story was a positioning from the fields and the experience from each one of the participants, and the whole picture helped Andreu open new conversation and reflections together with the participants.

As social designer my contribution and role on Contrallum’s projects is:

  • Enhacing a co-creation enviroment.
  • Creating the methodology of the act in order to interact and investigate though design and also collaborate through imagining.
  • Considering within the participants, people from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and concerns. 
  • Each act of ContraLlum is consider to be part of something bigger, interconnected and in constant transformation.

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