On September 2018, at Contrallum we explored collectively Perrine Honoré artistic approach. She as an artist tries to decosify the body in her illustrations and to erase in a generous and colorful way that border between what is consider feminine and masculine.

We as participants, together with Perrine’s approach, and through an imaginative dynamic, we used the body as a canvas to reflect on how it can be expressed the removal of all these barriers.

ContraCorpus is also inspired in Perrine’s first exhibition called “Intimidad Simbiótica” (Symbiotic intimacy)  An exhibition where she proposed the audience to become children and to contemplate her illustrations without prejudices, responding to a series of questions and concerns that inspire and give life to her work.

As social designer my contribution and role on Contrallum’s projects is:

  • Enhacing a co-creation environment.
  • Creating the methodology of the act in order to interact and investigate though design and also collaborate through imagining.
  • Considering within the participants, people from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and concerns. 
  • Each act of Contrallum is consider to be part of something bigger, interconnected and in constant transformation.
  • Engaging people through mystery, imagination and unpredictability.

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