On november 2018 at Contrallum the session ContraEstètica took place. On this opportunity the act was based on twenty questions and statements brought by the artist Clara Nubiola to explore the relationship between landscape and aesthetics. Twenty provocations made by the artist, such as “Give me back my money. This is not the landscape of the photograph I saw”, “Beauty = order?” among others.

The dynamic of the day consisted that each participant should give a face to each of the landscapes relating them to one of those affirmations through a story or anecdote. But not from a personal perspective rather from the perspective of the landscape understood as ahuman being capable to feel, have an ethic positions, etc.

As social designer my contribution and role on Contrallum’s projects is:

  • Enhacing a co-creation environment.
  • Creating the methodology of the act in order to interact and investigate though design and also collaborate through imagining.
  • Considering within the participants, people from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and concerns. 
  • Each act of Contrallum is consider to be part of something bigger, interconnected and in constant transformation.
  • Engaging people through mystery, imagination and unpredictability.

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