Contrallum is a living and shared project together with Pere Sala, which is open to reflection on issues related to society, culture, art and the country.

In Contrallum each session has a unique format and is designed with care according to the subject matter being dealt with. The guests are the epicentre, always in a diverse group of twenty people.

We look for ways to co-generate knowledge, ideas, movement and connections facilitating imagination through design.

The sessions organised up until today are:


As social designer my contribution and role on Contrallum’s projects is:

  • Enhacing a co-creation environment.
  • Creating the methodology of the act in order to interact and investigate though design and also collaborate through imagining.
  • Considering within the participants, people from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and concerns. 
  • Each act of Contrallum is consider to be part of something bigger, interconnected and in constant transformation.
  • Engaging people through mystery, imagination and unpredictability.