The LALI Latin American Landscape Initiative is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles to promote the recognition, valuation, protection, management and sustainable planning of the Latin American landscape, through the adoption of conventions (laws-agreements-decrees-orders) that recognize the diversity and local, national and regional values, both tangible and intangible, of the landscape, as well as the relevant principles and processes to safeguard it.

The Latin American landscape requires with urgency that people and institutions protect it, disseminate it and made aware of it in society. At a time when a new paradigms in the way of thinking and acting are being required, the LALI raises a challenge by examining current values and mapping out a better course for the region’s landscape, and calls for the exploration of common aspects in the midst of diversity and the adoption of a strong work ethic.

The LALI Network

As a social designer and communicator, I support LALI in the following ways:

  • Coordinating the LALI Communications Node
  • Conceptualizing the way and means of communication
  • Taking care of all LALI social media and the website
  • Supporting the LALI Node coordinators in each of their initiatives and proposals.
  • Strategic design of Forums, Symposiums, and LALI work meetings.